Campaign “Together for healthy eating”
Акция «Вместе к здоровому питанию» 21.09.2023

The branch of the Russian State Enterprise at the National Center of Expertise of the State Medical Examiner's Office of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, together with the Department of Sanitary and Epidemiological Control, held the campaign “Together for healthy eating” in the A-Store supermarket.

Every city resident had the opportunity to determine the safety and quality of the food products they purchased.

Free of charge, specialists from the branch of the National Center of Expertise in Almaty carried out laboratory tests using the express method for the residual content of nitrates in vegetables and melons, and also determined the acidity of dairy products and the enrichment of flour with vitamins and microelements.

During the campaign, about 60 laboratory tests were carried out using express methods to determine the safety of food products; all samples that underwent testing were found to be safe.

Let us remind you that the NCE branch in Almaty regularly holds free promotions at retail outlets in the city.

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