Issues of social protection of the population were discussed in the Karaganda region
Вопросы социальной защиты населения обсудили в Карагандинской области 29.02.2024

An extended meeting of the standing commission on socio-cultural development and social protection of the population was held in the Karaganda regional maslikhat.

The meeting of the maslikhat, chaired by deputy Kadisha Ospanova, began with the issue of sanitary and epidemiological examination, where the current epidemiological situation in the region, measures to control the spread of infections, as well as strategies for their prevention and control were discussed.

At the beginning of his speech, the director of the branch of the National Center of Expertise in the Karaganda region, Azamat Tusupbekov, spoke about the ongoing work of the laboratories.

According to the director of the branch, today the sanitary and epidemiological situation in the region is stable. The presence of laboratory centers throughout the Karaganda region ensures equal access to modern and effective methods of laboratory diagnostics, the performance of a set of studies using modern equipment according to international standards and the reliability of the studies.

“As part of anti-epidemic and sanitary measures to prevent especially dangerous infectious diseases in the region, only our laboratory conducts research for brucellosis. For example, in 2023, we conducted 4052 studies for brucellosis,” noted Azamat Tusupbekov.

In addition, the virology laboratory conducts daily research of material from measles patients throughout the region and annually monitors patients with enterovirus using the PCR method.

“As you know, we provide laboratory services to all medical organizations in our region. To date, the Damumed Integrated Medical Information System has been integrated into the NCE Unified Software Complex, which in turn makes it easier for medical institutions to deliver biological material for research, and the delivery time of the biomaterial is not disrupted,” summarized the head of the branch.

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