Almaty parks and squares began to be treated for ticks
Парки и скверы Алматы начали обрабатывать от клещей 01.04.2024

On April 1 of this year, specialists from the National Center of Expertise “Disinfection Center” in Almaty began anti-tick treatment of forests, city parks and public gardens with a total area of ​​2,366.560 hectares.

The first round of disinfestation in the city will be carried out until April 27 of this year. Due to weather conditions, processing times may change.

The formed disinfection teams are equipped with the necessary equipment, transport, and personal protective equipment. To carry out anti-tick treatments, the insecto-acaricidal drug “Deltex SC 10” is used. The drug belongs to low-toxic and low-hazard substances (class 3-4).

The dosages used to combat ticks are the smallest and completely safe for people and animals. Processing is mainly carried out in the morning. At the boundaries of areas to be treated, boards with warning signs “Anti-mite treatment is being carried out” are installed.

To achieve maximum results in the fight against ticks, a second stage of treatment is planned in May – June.

Residents must take the following precautions:

  • do not approach the site of anti-tick treatment at a distance that prevents the solution of the anti-tick drug from coming into contact with skin or clothing;
  • do not allow pets to come into contact with the treated area until the preparations dry;
  • After treatment, do not collect or use mushrooms, herbs or berries from the treated area for 40 days.

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